Friday, March 9, 2012

Sock Hop & Air Conditioning

Last night was our campgrouds last blast and it was a sock hop. Great singers... Kids were out daning and we had a great time. Jack decided  that he was tired and wanted to go home so I left a bit early to put him to bed. On a other note... our front roof air is giving us troubles. I think the compresser is going... So I called camping world and of course the cheepest roof air for us is about 750.00. So better to get it fixed now then having no air in AZ this fall. Going to look for work camper job in AZ for after we get done in MO this summer. We got the screen room up and of course it is a bit to big... going to have a guy come and cut it down and sew it back together... hope it works.... Untill later

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trout Creek 500

We are the official winners of the Trout Creek 500 race !! We had a great time and lots of people turned out for the race. It was suppose to be done last week but got rained out... Great time. Oh we now have hot water also! Had a hard time trying to get the hot rod hooked up but it got done and finally have hot water !! Anyone that has ever lived without hot water knows it is not a very fun thing!! Other than that that is about all we have been up to. Looking forward to going to MO in May. We will be leaving on the 3rd of May and taking our time going up though AL and TN. If you will be in those areas please feel free to look us up !! Kids are doing well with there homeschooling !! Well, that's all for now...